Christina & Rick

Oak Brook Hills Resort Wedding Video

Christina is the very image of glamour in her wedding video - those eyes, those lashes! It's no wonder why Rick throws up an "I got the girl" fist in the air after their first kiss, a la Judd Nelson in The Breakfast Club. The way these two look and smile at each other warms our hearts to no end! 

Thanks Christina & Rick! 


Song: "Chariot" by Jacob Lee (

Vendors: Divine Infant Church, Everlasting Impressions Events (Kristen Milano), Jovana Irene Photography, Anna's Flowers, Sounds Abound Entertainment

Stacey & Andrew

Cafe Brauer Wedding Video - Chicago, IL

Check out 01:31-01:42 for the sweetest dress reveal ever! Stacey's bridal party is totally moved by the transformation of their beautiful friend, and so were we :) And we love Stacey's choice of bridal shawls at 02:41 - tasteful and delicate but also casual and practical. Chicago winter weddings are not for the faint-hearted :D haha brrrr! 

Thanks Stacey and Andrew! <3


Song: "The Adventure" by Angels and Airwaves (

Marissa & Luke

Hilton Oak Lawn Wedding Video - Oak Lawn, IL

"Luke, there's one thing for sure: you are going home with a beautiful, loving, caring bride tonight. Marissa, you will be going home with... a lovely dress and some flowers." Haha man! We love this family! A great group of jokesters walking around with wide smiles and full hearts that day. To give you a better idea of their style, Luke wrote "Help Me" on the bottom of his shoes, for when he and Marissa kneeled at the altar :D ... But it's more like help US here at Shutter and Sound Films! Help us find a similar fairytale! 

Thanks Marissa and Luke ;)


Song: "Something Beautiful" by Tim Halperin (

Vendors: St. Gerald's Church

Susan & Joseph

The Drake Hotel Wedding Video - Chicago, IL

Black bridesmaids robes with lace sleeves... what a timeless look! Susan's ladies look as sharp "dressed down" as they do dressed up! *Whistles* Forget the term leisure wear - we're coining a new one: Grace Kelly Casual ;) Susan's hair and outfit choices march the title perfectly, too... truly a wardrobe fit for a princess (of Monaco). And Joseph, the perfect prince!!

...wishing you both a happily ever after ;) <3

Thanks Susan and Joseph!


Song: "White Dress" by Ben Rector (

Vendors: St. Michael's Church

Jacqueline & Robert

The Ivy Room at Tree Studios Wedding Video - Chicago, IL

Ok. Hands down, the absolute sweetest groom reaction to a bride's procession EVER; fast-forward to 00:47 for the nicest midday pick-me-up :) <33 And Robert's The Flash cartoon socks?? Geez, we want to hang out with this couple! We love the matching bridesmaids shawls at 01:23 - perfect for a Chicago wedding!

... and the perfectly-timed snowfall at 02:04?  The snowflakes in Jacqueline's hair at 02:18? Ohmygo-- *swoons into a graceful faint* #ALLtheweddinggoals

Thanks Jacqueline and Robert!


Song: "Something Beautiful" by Tim Halperin (

Renya & Cristobal

Crystal Palace Banquets Wedding Video - Prospect, IL

Wow, check out the opening shot of those chairs! Straight out of a little girl's dream castle! Slash general day dream... man, this wedding was perfection! Their song choice, "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz, perfectly complimented Renya and Cristobal's crisp, happy, classic, open, and bright celebration. We loved how Cristobal popped champagne outside on the church steps right after their processional :) Very fun!

Thanks Renya and Cristobal!


Song: "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz (

Vendors: St. Andrew's Assyrian Church of the East

Dave & Colin

St. Regis Wedding Video - Washington, DC 

Walking each other down the aisle together (1:32) - what a great moment :) You can tell Dave and Colin are really soaking everything in and connecting with guests as they inch closer to their future. 1:58 is another one of our favorite video clips because their faces radiate a beautiful post-ceremony combination of peace, contentment, joy, and love. You can tell that Dave and Colin's love has been a strong rock and foundation for a long time, and that they have zero doubt about their forever partnership <3

Thanks Dave and Colin!


Song: "Infinity" by One Hundred Years (



Lisa & David

Cafe Brauer Wedding Video - Chicago, IL

"I want you to know the grace you're made of," Lisa and David's wedding song croons.  We do hope Lisa knows, she exemplified grace and beauty every step of the way on her big day! We love the way she helps her flower girl with her tutu (so cute!) and her mother-in-law-to-be (MILTB?) with her hair. And the when she and David hit the floor for their first dance, they look like they're floating on clouds. Someone call Disney, we have a new princess for them to make a movie about.  

Thanks Lisa and David!


Song: "You" by Future of Forestry (

Vendors: Naturally Yours Events (Carlene Smith) - St. Michael in Old Town - Blue Plate Chicago - Steve Koo Photography - Anthony Gowder Designs, Inc. - Rendezvous Music - Cake-Chicago - Spilled Ink Press - Sonia Roselli Beauty

Deena & Brian

Bridgeport Art Center Wedding Video - Chicago, IL

Now this is a wedding that all of us at Shutter and Sound wish we could have attended - how fun does all that dancing look? We would have cut a rug with the best of them :) Brian and Deena are such a beautiful couple it's hard to look away, and that chuppah with the hanging flowers and ribbons? It's the perfect backdrop for a perfect ceremony. We love it. We want it.

Thanks Deena and Brian!


Song: "Feel Again" by OneRepublic (

Vendors: Naturally Yours Events - K.LA Designs - Ed & Aileen Photography - Blowout Junkie - Leesi B Cosmetics - Wolfgang Puck - Zelda's Kosher Gourmet - Bluewater Kings Band

Alejandra & Alex

Greenhouse Loft Wedding Video - Chicago, IL

Alejandra and Alexander have got to be one of the cutest couples we've ever worked with - just look at how they smile at each other all day long! The first look smile is particularly adorable - check out 1:22 to see our groom looking like a kid on Christmas morning!

Thanks Alejandra and Alexander!


Song: "Perfect Day" by Holley Maher (

Vendors: Emily Spieler Photography - Millennium Park

Lauren & Kevin

City View Loft Wedding Video - Chicago, IL

"Kevin...if someone had told me ten years ago that I'd be marrying Brian's little brother, I'd think they were crazy...and even though [he] assured me you were a pretty weird guy, I insisted that was exactly what I liked about you." Lauren's beautifully honest vows make us smile every time! Also making us grin ear-to-ear are Kevin's harmonica skills and both of their moves on the dance floor (7:03)! The father of the bride says to a cheering room, "They really are a great couple, aren't they?" - and we can't help but agree!

Thanks Lauren and Kevin!


Song: "Forever Young" by Bob Dylan (

Vendors: Liven it Up Events (Sally Collar) - Chennergy Photography - Fotio Photobooth - BHLDN

Deema & Ermin

Cafe Brauer Wedding Video - Chicago, IL

We loved how many different types of backdrops this video has... Deema and Ermin's wedding venues really honored and highlighted the many looks of Chicago - its industrial side, the parks, local attractions (a zoo!), and beautiful city skyline. Check out 3:02-3:06 for great shots of the day's interior, too :) Gorgeous.

Thanks Deema and Ermin! 


Song: "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz (

Vendors: Lincoln Park Zoo

Kelsey & Eric

Morgan Manufacturing Wedding Video - Naperville, IL

Lolol the groomsman's stare-down with our camera at 2:03... this moment as well as all the other interactions throughout both parties (the groomsmen and the bridesmaids) really encapsulates the friendship and fun times felt by all. This couple has clearly surrounded themselves with some great people :) 

Thanks Kelsey and Eric!


Song: "Secrets" by One Republic (

Vendors: Denouement Weddings (Kate Petty) - Sts. Peter and Paul Church

Jun & Kaz

Loft on Lake Wedding Video - Chicago, IL

Ugh that opening shot <3333 And Jun's walk towards Kaz for the first look while they're on the rooftop... it's like the wind blew for the sole purpose of creating the best whisked-away veil look EVER. Such a graceful and classy day!

Thanks Jun and Kaz!


Song: "You" by Future of Forestry (

Vendors: Plum & Ivy Event Planning (Maria Collins) - Phoenix Restaurant - Nika Vaughan - Food Evolution Catering - Amy Beck Cake Design - Abby Flowers Design - Style Matters

Faye & Shwin

The Rookery Wedding Video - Chicago, IL

Faye's dress is one of our favorites! Especially when coupled with that fabulously chic and delicate hair piece :) And Shwin's dark green suit! Very cool. The whole day was meticulously laid out and organized to create a bright, open, crisp, and refreshing atmosphere that encouraged cheer, happy tears, and lots of dancing ;) Check out that choreographed number (2:55)!

Thanks Faye and Shwin!


Song: "So In Love With You" by Jake Etheridge (

Vendors: Jewell Events Catering (Melanie Belknap)

Maggie & Will

Inn at Mount Vernon Farm Wedding Video - Sperryville, VA

WARNING: do NOT watch this video without tissues. Ohhhhhhhh my gosh. Goosebumps will happen within the first minute, guaranteed. We can't even write a blog on this video... it speaks for itself :) <3

Thanks Maggie and Will! 


Song: "When I'm With You" by Ben Rector (

Kelly & Troy

Hinsdale, IL - Private Residence

00:45-1:11 is perfection. Their eyes say it all :)) And what a perfect song choice for their video - it seems like the whole day they were stealing glances, like, "Wow! I can't believe this is happening!" And to be honest, neither could we... their wedding was straight out of a movie! All that was missing was Ryan Gosling.

Thanks Kelly and Troy :)


Song choice: "White Dress" by Ben Rector (

Josephina & Matt

Boulder Ridge Country Club Wedding Video - Lake in the Hills, IL

This highlight video definitely ends on a high note with the adoring look Josephina gives Matt as they're dancing. One of our favorite parts of the day was filming Josephina getting ready in her family home and listening to all the fun girl-talk between bridesmaids (especially over that perfect coffee mug 0:14) ;)

Thanks Josephina and Matt!


Song: "Fall in Love" by Landon Austin (

Vendors: St. Patricks Catholic Church

Christi & Taylor

Eaglewood Resort & Spa Wedding Video - Itasca, IL

Christi's morning bridal party shirts read: "The Real Bridesmaids of Christi's Wedding" (0:30). This perfect uniformity and carefully crafted image continues at 1:07, where her bridesmaids are shown in their beautiful cream gowns and forest fairy-like bouquets :)

...and then there's 3:41 where Taylor's head can be found 3 feet tall and displayed on two massive posters, waved around by his friends. Just your typical reception party lolol.

Thanks Christi & Taylor!


Song: "Lift Me Up" by Dream City Orchestra (

Arin & Kevin

Little Goat Diner Wedding Video - Chicago, IL

Arin's dress sparkles just like her vivacious personality :) Fast forward to 1:38 to see a very cool ceremony backdrop...floating flowers on a brick wall! Then check out 2:14 for Arin's sweet reaction to their kiss :)

Thanks Arin and Kevin!


Song Choice: "American Beauty" by Drew Holocomb (