Lisa & David

Cafe Brauer Wedding Video - Chicago, IL

"I want you to know the grace you're made of," Lisa and David's wedding song croons.  We do hope Lisa knows, she exemplified grace and beauty every step of the way on her big day! We love the way she helps her flower girl with her tutu (so cute!) and her mother-in-law-to-be (MILTB?) with her hair. And the when she and David hit the floor for their first dance, they look like they're floating on clouds. Someone call Disney, we have a new princess for them to make a movie about.  

Thanks Lisa and David!


Song: "You" by Future of Forestry (

Vendors: Naturally Yours Events (Carlene Smith) - St. Michael in Old Town - Blue Plate Chicago - Steve Koo Photography - Anthony Gowder Designs, Inc. - Rendezvous Music - Cake-Chicago - Spilled Ink Press - Sonia Roselli Beauty