Jacqueline & Robert

The Ivy Room at Tree Studios Wedding Video - Chicago, IL

Ok. Hands down, the absolute sweetest groom reaction to a bride's procession EVER; fast-forward to 00:47 for the nicest midday pick-me-up :) <33 And Robert's The Flash cartoon socks?? Geez, we want to hang out with this couple! We love the matching bridesmaids shawls at 01:23 - perfect for a Chicago wedding!

... and the perfectly-timed snowfall at 02:04?  The snowflakes in Jacqueline's hair at 02:18? Ohmygo-- *swoons into a graceful faint* #ALLtheweddinggoals

Thanks Jacqueline and Robert!


Song: "Something Beautiful" by Tim Halperin (musicbed.com)